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How Mindfulness Can Help You On Your Wedding Day

The morning of your wedding is an exciting, overwhelming and sometimes daunting experience.

Nerves and excitement are likely to kick in as soon as you open your eyes! All the months of planning have finally led to this one special day.

It is completely normal to feel apprehensive, perhaps worrying about whether wedding suppliers will deliver to your expectations or whether you will spill something on your dress before you get to the ceremony!

Chances are, the whole day will be completely problem free and you will wonder why you ever had any worries in the first place. It is so important to not let any anxieties overwhelm you. You want to be able to enjoy every moment of your special day and look back at how calm, relaxed and extatically happy you were.

Mindfulness is a fantastic way to compose yourself in preparation for the wonderful day you are about to embark on. The practice of mindfulness has a remarkable record for the reduction of stress. Mindfulness is googled between 50,000 – 100,000 times every month in Britain. There are numerous surveys confirming the benefit of mindfulness.  Well now is the time to try it!

We contacted Christopher Titmuss, a leading mindfulness/meditation teacher and author. He outlined for us the benefits of simple mindfulness/mediation techniques and how this can benefit brides to be on their big day.

Christopher wrote:

Mindfulness is the capacity to focus with calmness and clarity.

Mindfulness includes the capacity to focus on breathing, notice thoughts coming and going and bring a relaxed attention to the body and posture to dissolve stress.

The application of mindfulness develops the capacity to concentrate in undistracted ways upon big and small tasks.

More and more people practise mindfulness to reduce distractions and stress, find inner peace and experience a deeper connection with life through the senses.

The practice of mindfulness will contribute to a joyful and harmonious wedding day. Remember to practice mindfulness before the wedding day. Here are some practical pointers.

  • When you wake up in the morning, remember to take some long deep breaths to help clear the mind in preparation for the day. This will help you to relax. Living in the moment will support your mind to not feel anxious about what may or may not happen. This is particularly important on your wedding day.
  • Apply mindfulness when sitting down. You might be on a bus, train, driving to work or even when in your wedding car. Sit tall with a straight back. Relax the whole body and stay very focussed in the moment.
  • Apply mindfulness to a small task, such as washing up dishes, tidying a room. Mindfulness of an activity generates interest in the activity. We often engage in small tasks to get them out of the way. Mindfulness contributes to connection, respect and development of concentration in the moment
  • Apply mindfulness to communication. Practice to speak with a calm voice, unhurried and not interrupting the person you are speaking to.
  • If you become mindful of thinking about the past or future in stressful ways, then ask yourself what would be another way of looking at the situation. A learning experience? Seeing it as a potential for insight? A practice for letting go? An opportunity for inner development?
  • Keep a diary. Be mindful of the primary experiences of the day. What made them important?
  • Find time for quiet periods. A mindful walk in the park noticing the trees, bushes and birds. Experience a closeness and empathy with your surrounding environment.
  • On your big day, the bride and groom are the centre of attention. Walk tall. Sit tall. Give warm smiles to as many people as possible. Your smiles will make all the family and guests feel very welcome. Mindfulness will support you to have a greater memory of every moment of your special day.
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