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Spotlight on Suppliers-Honey Wedding Favours

Spotlight on Suppliers -A series of blogs introducing you to some of the wedding suppliers at

Welcome to the fabulous Honey Wedding Favours!

Honey wedding favours was set up in 2013 to produce small honey favours for friends who were getting married. Honey Wedding Favours thought this was such a great idea so decided to expand to enable other brides and grooms to experience their amazing product.

It is run by James Curtis who has been keeping bees in Essex for 6 years, selling the honey locally and nationally.  All the honey he sells is raw and tastes fantastic. James and his wife made homemade blackberry jam for their own wedding in little glass jars.‘We take as much care over clients wedding favour as we did with our own.’ James tells us.

The honey favours themselves are designed to be highly customised and tailored to each individual wedding. You can choose from four different lid colours, use their standard labels or ask them to design one for you. The labels can be any colour to match your theme and contain the bride and groom’s name, the date of the wedding and a favourite phrase or sentence of your choice.

The booking process

We asked Honey Wedding favours, what a bride can expect when they contact them. This is what they said:

“The Bride and Groom will fill out a brief form telling us what they would like us to do for them. We can send Jar samples alongside different label options.’ James has a background in architecture and design so getting the label perfect is of great importance. An order is placed and delivered within ample time for the wedding to reduce any stress. James tells us ‘Our levels of quality control are second to none!’


“We hand fill each jar with honey. This ensures we are achieving top quality honey in each jar. We advise that our honey is best sent no later than two weeks before the big day. Our honey will never go off or spoil.

“It will last forever – just like true love!”

We love how passionate James is about his business. Honey Wedding Favours produce a fantastic product to ensure a special day for their customers alongside caring and nurturing for bees. James told us this is what motivates him with his work.

Top tips from a tip top supplier…

We asked James what his top tips are for brides and grooms:

‘Ask to see the product before you buy it. Taste, touch, smell and feel your way to getting the perfect person for the job’

‘Good communication is essential and make sure you know the ins and outs of what you are getting. Make sure there are no hidden surprises at a later date.’

Wise advice. We completely agree!

James went on to say ‘Weddings are often expensive. You can do lots of fantastic things for your own wedding yourself with a bit of time and effort.’

“Recommendations are key. Research really does pay off.”


We asked James what he thought his greatest achievement was. He replied:

“We sent 900 jars to Hong Kong for a large wedding. We produced the order ahead of schedule and delivered it personally to the client to ensure it was of top quality when it arrived.’

What a fabulous achievement!

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You can submit a request for a quote on the website.

Here’s what some of their previous clients had to say about them:

“Lovely honey, and professional service. Really added a little something extra sweet to our wedding theme”

“Amazing honey, great service and very friendly – will definitely be spreading the word!”

“Thank you so much for providing your honey for our Essex wedding favours they went down a treat“

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A massive, warm welcome from the brand new wedding blog brought to you by Wedding Bid Easy.  is the UK’s first wedding auction website whereby brides list their wedding requirements and local wedding suppliers submit quotes for the job.

The website was created in order to support brides and grooms with the wedding planning process, reducing stress and managing budget. It was also set up to support wedding suppliers to advertise their business, secure more leads and build their online reputation. The website offers a marketplace whereby suppliers can advertise their business for free on our suppliers’ directory.

Planning a wedding can be a stressful, daunting process. Often brides and grooms will spend countless hours emailing and calling wedding suppliers to check prices, availability and suitability. Often waiting days or even weeks for a response. It can often get confusing and stressful for even the most organised of people. Wedding Bid Easy aims to reduce that level of stress and transform the way wedding are planned in the UK.

Brides and grooms can join the site, list their requirements and sit back while wedding suppliers come to them! For example, a bride in Northampton needs a photographer for 6 hours on March 15th 2017. The bride describes the details of the job and then lists her requirements on the website. All photographers are then notified of the job via email. The photographers can then review the job and decide whether or not to submit their price for the job based on the individual details the bride has provided. If the supplier needs a bit more detail or if the couple want to ask the supplier some additional questions, there is a direct messaging system that can be used. They can choose whether to put a budget limit on the advert or can choose to keep her budget private. The bride can choose how long to run the advert for. They can view the suppliers work through their social media links on their profile. The couple can choose whether to make the auction private or public. Private listings may occur when the couple view a supplier profile on the website, fall in love with their work and want to request a quote just from that one supplier. There’s lots of different ways to fulfil the requirements of the engaged couple whilst generating more business for suppliers. Don’t forget, the bride can also read any reviews that have been left for that particular supplier on the website.

Once the listing has ended, the engaged couple can review all the quotes and choose which supplier she would like to go with. A deposit is paid and the transaction is complete! The bride can list as many adverts for jobs as she likes! Ranging from catering, photography, videography, florist, venue decoration, stationary, bridal hair and makeup, venues, DJ/bands plus many more. Anything wedding related!

We know some brides have a very strict budget and will primarily be using the website to find suppliers within their budget. Other brides may have something unique or quirky that they want and don’t have the time to be emailing countless suppliers to see if they can meet their needs. Other couples may be booking a last minute wedding and therefore time is of the essence. Whatever the circumstance, Wedding Bid Easy can help!

We have lots of exciting things in the pipeline for the blog and the website-For brides and grooms as well as wedding suppliers. Keep checking back for updates! You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.

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