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Spotlight on Suppliers- Featuring Bridal Reloved

Welcome to our next Spotlight on Suppliers Feature blog by We are delighted to be talking wedding dresses with the wonderful ‘Bridal Reloved Liverpool’ in this feature.

Bridal Reloved Liverpool opened in Summer 2016 on Aigburth Road and is part of the Bridal Reloved Franchise – the UK’s only pre-owned wedding dress chain. Bridal Reloved Liverpool specialises in immaculate pre-owned wedding dresses which are either brand new, ex-sample or worn once and professionally cleaned.

Liverpool boutique owner Carol Dinwoodie explained “The idea behind Bridal Reloved is to help people spend less on their wedding without compromising on design, style and class, which is why we only sell top designers. We stock top quality gowns from Charlotte Balbier, Vera Wang, Ian Stuart, Justin Alexander and Stella York to name a few. All the gowns are on our website and Facebook page so check us out to see what we have in store as stock is constantly changing”.

The new boutique is proving popular with brides-to-be.

Bridal Reloved Liverpool has also been nominated at The Wedding Awards 2017 for best bridal boutique which they were very excited about.

Carol told us ‘From the moment a bride makes contact I try to make her feel at ease and find out information about her style and how she sees herself on her wedding day. When she arrives for her private appointment in the boutique she’s made to feel relaxed, welcome and offered a drink and cake!’

Carol will talk through what styles and designers the bride has in mind and will help select some dresses to take through to their spacious dressing room to try on.

Carol worked for over 15 years as a makeup artist and spent a lot of time with brides on their wedding morning, and was always so drawn by the excitement weddings bring. On choosing to move to Liverpool from her hometown of Edinburgh, she decided to make the move in to bridal wear, as it was always what she was most excited to see when she worked with the brides. Carol tells us ‘It made absolute sense!’

Carol spoke to us about what inspires her most with her work….

‘It’s that moment when a bride finds her dress with me, seeing her body language change to ‘I’m beautiful’ and seeing her share that moment with friends and family gives me an amazing sense of achievement.’

Carol has some top tips for all you brides to be who are deciding which suppliers to choose! ‘Biggest tip I’d say is follow your gut instinct! If you don’t feel like you connect with the supplier or they don’t understand you then they’re not for you. Rapport is so very important when selecting suppliers as there’s a massive level of trust you’re placing with them.’ We at Wedding Bid Easy totally agree!

Carols next tip for wedding planning ‘Don’t get bogged down with what everyone else will want or expect, remember the true reason for your wedding, your marriage to the person you love.’

Carol shared with us her most memorable moment as a wedding supplier. She tells us it was the very first day she opened the boutique, a bride and her mum with no appointment came in, she found her dress and had that special emotional moment with her mum. Carol told us ‘She looked so proud and they both cried with happiness, which in turn made me cry! It was amazing to be part of.’ How lovely!

And the proudest moment? ‘It would have to be achieving nominations for 2 wedding awards after only being open 6 months!’ Wow that certainly is an achievement!

We would love for any brides in the Liverpool area who are looking for their perfect wedding dress to check out Bridal Reloved Liverpool.

Already found a wedding dress you like but it’s not within budget? You can contact Carol at Bridal Reloved Liverpool as she may well just have your dress as a pre-loved item in your size in stock! She can even post it to you if you don’t live near to the area. You can check out their profile on our website to ask for a price.

Or check out their social media:

Happy Wedding Planning!

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Spotlight on Suppliers- ‘Oh Oh Sew’

As part of the Spotlight on Suppliers feature blogs brought to you by we caught up with the very talented Sam from ‘Oh Oh Sew’ to find out about her amazing new venture!

Sam is a self-taught seamstress with a passion for making marvellous fashion creations from fabulous fabrics.

Oh Oh Sew formed in 2014 after Sam was asked to make clothing for friends.  Sam started challenging herself and making more complicated styles.  She was quickly hooked and knew that this was the career for her and so created Oh Oh Sew.

Sam went on to say ‘I moved in to the wedding side of the business when a previous customer of mine asked me to make her wedding dress. From there, I have now taken on several orders for vintage style bridesmaid dresses and a couple of mother of the bride orders too’

Sam designs and creates dresses inspired by classic vintage shaping that can be sized perfectly and reflect the customer’s personality. Since launch, Oh Oh Sew has grown at a rapid rate, Sam tells us.

‘All our items are made to measure, tailored exactly to you. Part of what makes us unique is the passion we put in to delivering a perfect customer service from start to completion.’

‘From my little studio in the midlands I love making bespoke pieces that reflect each customer’s uniqueness, I offer my services UK wide and will soon be branching out overseas. ‘


So how does the whole process work? It all starts with an idea and discussion…

Sam looks at what kind of style and fabric you are thinking of and is happy to provide advice and inspiration. She will then take those ideas and create a drawing of your piece to help visualise what the product will look like, they can even send samples of fabric to help you further.

Prices are calculated individually for each order depending on the amount of work involved in creating your perfect item.
If you can visit the Oh Oh Sew fitting room they can personally measure you for your item.  Otherwise they can send detailed instructions on which measurements to take.


Sam told us ‘I love that I am able to offer people something that will fit them perfectly. My customers continue to return and re-order and I think that is my biggest motivation and inspiration.’

Oh Oh Sew’s Top tips for brides

‘Be true to yourself and your partner. You will never please everybody in your family, and to be honest the only 2 people that matter is you and your partner.’

Proudest moment

Sam spoke to us about her proudest moment. ‘With being quite new to the wedding side of the business, my greatest achievement so far is booking a wedding dress for a New York elopement, along with 5 bridesmaid dresses, 4 flower girl dresses and 2 mother of the bride dress (all for different weddings) in the space of 2 months!’ Very impressive Oh Oh Sew!



‘Sam made my wedding dress and was incredibly attentive and kept me informed throughout the whole process, sharing ideas and inspirations. She worked tirelessly to make sure that it was right. Lovely lady and I wish her every success with her exciting venture!’

To request a quote and view Oh Oh Sew’s profile, simply go to Don’t forget to check out their social media too! 

twitter @ohohsew

instagram @ohohsew

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Spotlight on Suppliers-Honey Wedding Favours

Spotlight on Suppliers -A series of blogs introducing you to some of the wedding suppliers at

Welcome to the fabulous Honey Wedding Favours!

Honey wedding favours was set up in 2013 to produce small honey favours for friends who were getting married. Honey Wedding Favours thought this was such a great idea so decided to expand to enable other brides and grooms to experience their amazing product.

It is run by James Curtis who has been keeping bees in Essex for 6 years, selling the honey locally and nationally.  All the honey he sells is raw and tastes fantastic. James and his wife made homemade blackberry jam for their own wedding in little glass jars.‘We take as much care over clients wedding favour as we did with our own.’ James tells us.

The honey favours themselves are designed to be highly customised and tailored to each individual wedding. You can choose from four different lid colours, use their standard labels or ask them to design one for you. The labels can be any colour to match your theme and contain the bride and groom’s name, the date of the wedding and a favourite phrase or sentence of your choice.

The booking process

We asked Honey Wedding favours, what a bride can expect when they contact them. This is what they said:

“The Bride and Groom will fill out a brief form telling us what they would like us to do for them. We can send Jar samples alongside different label options.’ James has a background in architecture and design so getting the label perfect is of great importance. An order is placed and delivered within ample time for the wedding to reduce any stress. James tells us ‘Our levels of quality control are second to none!’


“We hand fill each jar with honey. This ensures we are achieving top quality honey in each jar. We advise that our honey is best sent no later than two weeks before the big day. Our honey will never go off or spoil.

“It will last forever – just like true love!”

We love how passionate James is about his business. Honey Wedding Favours produce a fantastic product to ensure a special day for their customers alongside caring and nurturing for bees. James told us this is what motivates him with his work.

Top tips from a tip top supplier…

We asked James what his top tips are for brides and grooms:

‘Ask to see the product before you buy it. Taste, touch, smell and feel your way to getting the perfect person for the job’

‘Good communication is essential and make sure you know the ins and outs of what you are getting. Make sure there are no hidden surprises at a later date.’

Wise advice. We completely agree!

James went on to say ‘Weddings are often expensive. You can do lots of fantastic things for your own wedding yourself with a bit of time and effort.’

“Recommendations are key. Research really does pay off.”


We asked James what he thought his greatest achievement was. He replied:

“We sent 900 jars to Hong Kong for a large wedding. We produced the order ahead of schedule and delivered it personally to the client to ensure it was of top quality when it arrived.’

What a fabulous achievement!

Remember to check out Honey Wedding Favours profile at

You can submit a request for a quote on the website.

Here’s what some of their previous clients had to say about them:

“Lovely honey, and professional service. Really added a little something extra sweet to our wedding theme”

“Amazing honey, great service and very friendly – will definitely be spreading the word!”

“Thank you so much for providing your honey for our Essex wedding favours they went down a treat“

Check out Honey Wedding Favours on social media:

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Spotlight on Suppliers Launch

Welcome to the brand new ‘Spotlight on Suppliers’ feature blogs – brought to you by

We will be running a series of blogs so that all you lovely brides and grooms can get to know some of our registered suppliers in more detail.

The suppliers will be giving you information about their wonderful businesses with insider top tips and inspiration to help you plan your wedding. Feel free to comment/ask the suppliers questions either on the blog or through their supplier profiles at Brides and grooms can go to the website and request quotes from all our suppliers or create a private quote request from a specific supplier. It’ so easy to sign up and get started.

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How Mindfulness Can Help You On Your Wedding Day

The morning of your wedding is an exciting, overwhelming and sometimes daunting experience.

Nerves and excitement are likely to kick in as soon as you open your eyes! All the months of planning have finally led to this one special day.

It is completely normal to feel apprehensive, perhaps worrying about whether wedding suppliers will deliver to your expectations or whether you will spill something on your dress before you get to the ceremony!

Chances are, the whole day will be completely problem free and you will wonder why you ever had any worries in the first place. It is so important to not let any anxieties overwhelm you. You want to be able to enjoy every moment of your special day and look back at how calm, relaxed and extatically happy you were.

Mindfulness is a fantastic way to compose yourself in preparation for the wonderful day you are about to embark on. The practice of mindfulness has a remarkable record for the reduction of stress. Mindfulness is googled between 50,000 – 100,000 times every month in Britain. There are numerous surveys confirming the benefit of mindfulness.  Well now is the time to try it!

We contacted Christopher Titmuss, a leading mindfulness/meditation teacher and author. He outlined for us the benefits of simple mindfulness/mediation techniques and how this can benefit brides to be on their big day.

Christopher wrote:

Mindfulness is the capacity to focus with calmness and clarity.

Mindfulness includes the capacity to focus on breathing, notice thoughts coming and going and bring a relaxed attention to the body and posture to dissolve stress.

The application of mindfulness develops the capacity to concentrate in undistracted ways upon big and small tasks.

More and more people practise mindfulness to reduce distractions and stress, find inner peace and experience a deeper connection with life through the senses.

The practice of mindfulness will contribute to a joyful and harmonious wedding day. Remember to practice mindfulness before the wedding day. Here are some practical pointers.

  • When you wake up in the morning, remember to take some long deep breaths to help clear the mind in preparation for the day. This will help you to relax. Living in the moment will support your mind to not feel anxious about what may or may not happen. This is particularly important on your wedding day.
  • Apply mindfulness when sitting down. You might be on a bus, train, driving to work or even when in your wedding car. Sit tall with a straight back. Relax the whole body and stay very focussed in the moment.
  • Apply mindfulness to a small task, such as washing up dishes, tidying a room. Mindfulness of an activity generates interest in the activity. We often engage in small tasks to get them out of the way. Mindfulness contributes to connection, respect and development of concentration in the moment
  • Apply mindfulness to communication. Practice to speak with a calm voice, unhurried and not interrupting the person you are speaking to.
  • If you become mindful of thinking about the past or future in stressful ways, then ask yourself what would be another way of looking at the situation. A learning experience? Seeing it as a potential for insight? A practice for letting go? An opportunity for inner development?
  • Keep a diary. Be mindful of the primary experiences of the day. What made them important?
  • Find time for quiet periods. A mindful walk in the park noticing the trees, bushes and birds. Experience a closeness and empathy with your surrounding environment.
  • On your big day, the bride and groom are the centre of attention. Walk tall. Sit tall. Give warm smiles to as many people as possible. Your smiles will make all the family and guests feel very welcome. Mindfulness will support you to have a greater memory of every moment of your special day.
  •                                                          mindulness-2nd-image

If you would like further information on Christopher Titmuss work, retreats, book and blog, please visit

Spotlight on Suppliers-Feature on our Blog to Showcase your Wedding Business!

Feature on our blog!

We are looking for 10 wedding suppliers from different professions to feature in our ‘Spotlight on Suppliers’ blog brought to you by to promote wedding businesses in the UK!


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Top Tips on How to Raise Cash for your Dream Wedding!

With the average wedding in the UK costing in excess of £20,000, you have to be extremely fortunate to have this kind of money going spare. Many couples spend years saving for their wedding. I spoke to a couple at a wedding fayre recently who had been engaged for 18 years so that they could have the wedding of their dreams!

We have put together a few tips that are unlikely to cover the whole cost of your wedding but will certainly go some way in supporting you to reach your target so that your dream wedding is in sight!

  1. Budget! Firstly, be very clear on your wedding budget and stick to it. Work out exactly what you can afford and what exactly this will cover. We would never advise taking out a loan or getting into debt. It is unlikely that you will be able to have everything you have ever wanted at your wedding unless you are one of those celebs than can afford a ‘flower wall’ that cost more than most family homes in the UK! However, raising extra cash can give you a bit of flexibility on the extra special items that you have always dreamt of.
  1. Sell Sell Sell! One persons’ junk is another persons’ treasure! When we were getting married, I managed to raise almost £500 simply by selling unwanted items in my house. I went through each room systematically and put everything in a pile in our living room. I then took pictures of each individual item and sold it on eBay, and Facebook has just launched its online marketplace so selling to local people is becoming increasingly more easy to do. It’s really important to take great pictures as the research shows this makes all the difference in how much your item will sell for. Anything that didn’t sell online, I took to the local car boot sale. Prices for sellers at car boot sales can vary, usually between £4.00 and £12.00 so make sure to check sellers’ fees first. In addition, make sure you know the value of what you are selling so you don’t give your items away at a fraction of what they are worth.                                     bric-a-brac

And don’t forget, anything sells. Clothes, shoes, toys, books, furniture, kitchen items, even old, empty perfume bottles. We even sold half a used tin of paint on eBay!

  1. Use your Skills-Are you particularly skilled at something or do you have an expertise that you could sell? Several people I know have put their skills to use by offering their services on sites such as Gumtree. Are you good at writing CV’s? Do your friends always come to you for help with their job application forms? Put your advert out there, you never know! Do you have a degree or an expertise in a particular area of study or education? Lots of people are currently using tutoring, either in person or online as a way to supplement their income. You don’t have to be a qualified teacher currently to be able to offer tutoring services but need to have a high level of experience or knowledge in a particular subject. Sites such as and the are a good place to start.
  1. Combine your goals– Lots of brides and grooms often want to lose weight and tone up before the big day. Instead of paying large gym membership fees, why not get fit whilst getting paid for it! Brisk walks or jogging are a great way to shed the pounds and could be combined with a flyer distribution job. Ask around at your local shops, takeaway shops in particular are often looking for workers, or look online for job adverts in your local area. An hour exercise while getting paid is a win win situation!
  1. Get creative! Have you always wanted to show your artistic side but haven’t had a chance to since school Art classes? Well here’s your chance! The market to upcycle furniture is huge and can be extremely profitable. Car boot sales, second-hand shops and online sites are a great place to pick up old furniture to upcycle. Simply sand the item down and repaint to create a beautiful new piece of shabby chic furniture. There’s a huge profit margin to be had if it’s done well. Old furniture can be picked up for very little or often even free. I managed to purchase our table and 6 chairs for 99p on eBay, being the only bidder. I spent £40.00 on materials for the upcycling process and now have a dining set that could sell for in excess of £300. There are lots of online tutorials on how to upcycle. It can be time consuming but definitely worth it to make a bit of extra cash.


  1. Rent your driveway or Garage-Parking, especially in big cities can be a nightmare with cost of parking in public carparks often costing an absolute fortune. People are often desperate to park close to a train or tube station or near to their work place. Many people are choosing to utilise their driveway or garage to earn a few extra pounds. You can hire it out on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. If you live near a theatre, football stadium or large events venue then lucky you as your parking spot will be worth even more on event nights! Check out sites such as or Be sure to check if your council has any restrictions or regulations with this.
  1. Are you lucky enough to have a spare room? Lots of families supplement their income by renting out their spare room on a temporary basis. If you have a while to go before your big day, this could be a great addition to your budget. By signing up to the Rent a Room scheme, not only do you enjoy the extra income from the rent, but also up to £7,500 a year is free from tax according to Letting a room to Foreign students is also a good option when considering your spare room options. If you have time spare to teach English and support the student with their learning there is extra income to be had. Check out what is available in your local area. If you are renting, then ensure your landlord consents before you proceed with this option.


We would love to hear any other advice that can be given to engaged couples on how to raise some extra cash for their special day, especially if it has worked for you so if you have any ideas then feel free to share them. Don’t forget it is essential that you check out how any extra income affects your benefits or the taxes that you pay and whether there are any regulations surrounding selling/extra income. Check out the pages for any laws surrounding extra income.


Happy wedding planning!

8 top tips on how to choose reputable wedding suppliers

Planning a wedding and choosing which wedding supplier to go with is a big task, with finances often being a big issue to consider. The cheapest option may sometimes end up costing you the most in the long run. If it looks too good to be true, it quite possibly is!

I often see posts on Facebook wedding groups from engaged couples who have been ‘scammed’ or let down by wedding suppliers either close to or even hours before their special day. I’ve read stories of suppliers that haven’t delivered what was promised, leaving a wedding in ruins. When a company has let down a significant number of brides and grooms, it can even make the news causing panic, anguish and unnecessary stress during the wedding planning process. This is a bride and grooms’ worst nightmare!


The majority of suppliers do not come under the ‘scamming umbrella’. They are extremely hardworking businesses that go above and beyond for every single bride they work with, treating each job as if it were their own wedding.

So how do engaged couples tell the difference between the good and the bad? We have put together some top tips to help you safely book suppliers, identify the wedding suppliers that are going to help make your day magical and those that should be approached with caution.

  1. Do your research! Once you have found a potential supplier you would like to work with, make sure you google them at the very least. Have they got a website? Have they got social media? Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram? Are their Facebook reviews switched on? If yes, make sure you actually read them. If Facebook reviews have been turned off, you may need to question why. A reputable business should address any negative reviews or comments on their Facebook wall, not hide them. Do they have reviews online? Is there social media active?
  1. Meet the suppliers face to face. Where possible, we thoroughly recommend meeting suppliers face to face. Have they got an office where you can meet them? Lots of small businesses won’t have as they work from home but meeting at your own home is still beneficial as it will give you an idea of the sort of supplier you are working with. This is vital when booking suppliers such as photographers where it is so important to have a rapport/ connection.
  1. Ask suppliers for references. All suppliers should be able to provide you with references or testimonials from previous work they have done. Even brand new businesses should be able to provide references from jobs they have assisted on or work they have completed during their training. Follow up references where possible.
  1. Always get a contract drawn up. This is vital! If the supplier doesn’t have a contract, it’s probably a warning sign. Make sure you thoroughly read through your contract so you know what the business is and isn’t accountable for should something go wrong. Have a second person look over it for you. Make sure you raise any questions in writing direct to the business if there is anything you are not clear on. Make sure you keep all the paperwork safe.
  1. How do they want you to pay? If a supplier is insisting that you can only pay via cash or bank transfer, it should ring alarm bells. PayPal is perfect for paying your deposit and remaining balance as you can raise a dispute if a problem arises. However, bear in mind that PayPal has time limits for this so if you are booking suppliers far in advance, wedding, steps 4 and 6 will be crucial. In addition, make sure you make a business payment for goods and services not a personal payment through friends and family. You are not covered with the latter through PayPal. I have heard stories from brides that have been pushed by businesses to pay via friends and family so the business doesn’t incur PayPal fees, only to find weeks down the line that the supplier has done a runner and the bride can’t make a claim. Any reputable business should incorporate the PayPal fees into their pricing structure. Always, get a receipt.
  1. Wedding insurance. This is so important to ensure that you are covered for all eventualities. As with any other insurance, make sure you check your level of cover, check what your excess is and read through the policy small print. Wedding insurance will give you piece of mind. Ensure you shop around as there is a huge variation in costing and level of cover between different insurers.
  1. Ask questions! Reputable suppliers should run their business legally at the very least and will always be open to answering any questions you have. Ask if the supplier is registered with HMRC, ask if the supplier is insured, ask for additional contact details, (business address and telephone number), How long have they been trading, how many weddings have they done, what training have they done to make them an expert in their industry. Ask anything you need to know. After all, it is your wedding and you need to feel as relaxed as possible on your big day.
  1. Look carefully at the suppliers Images. Are they using stock photos they have pulled off the internet or are they showcasing their actual work? If they are using stock photos, ask to see examples of their actual work.

Of course nobody can predict the future and even the most reputable companies sometimes face issues beyond their control. However, these companies will go to the ends of the earth to ensure your big day is not disrupted. By following the above steps, we hope that any risk is minimised drastically so that your big day can run as smoothly and stress free as possible.



A massive, warm welcome from the brand new wedding blog brought to you by Wedding Bid Easy.  is the UK’s first wedding auction website whereby brides list their wedding requirements and local wedding suppliers submit quotes for the job.

The website was created in order to support brides and grooms with the wedding planning process, reducing stress and managing budget. It was also set up to support wedding suppliers to advertise their business, secure more leads and build their online reputation. The website offers a marketplace whereby suppliers can advertise their business for free on our suppliers’ directory.

Planning a wedding can be a stressful, daunting process. Often brides and grooms will spend countless hours emailing and calling wedding suppliers to check prices, availability and suitability. Often waiting days or even weeks for a response. It can often get confusing and stressful for even the most organised of people. Wedding Bid Easy aims to reduce that level of stress and transform the way wedding are planned in the UK.

Brides and grooms can join the site, list their requirements and sit back while wedding suppliers come to them! For example, a bride in Northampton needs a photographer for 6 hours on March 15th 2017. The bride describes the details of the job and then lists her requirements on the website. All photographers are then notified of the job via email. The photographers can then review the job and decide whether or not to submit their price for the job based on the individual details the bride has provided. If the supplier needs a bit more detail or if the couple want to ask the supplier some additional questions, there is a direct messaging system that can be used. They can choose whether to put a budget limit on the advert or can choose to keep her budget private. The bride can choose how long to run the advert for. They can view the suppliers work through their social media links on their profile. The couple can choose whether to make the auction private or public. Private listings may occur when the couple view a supplier profile on the website, fall in love with their work and want to request a quote just from that one supplier. There’s lots of different ways to fulfil the requirements of the engaged couple whilst generating more business for suppliers. Don’t forget, the bride can also read any reviews that have been left for that particular supplier on the website.

Once the listing has ended, the engaged couple can review all the quotes and choose which supplier she would like to go with. A deposit is paid and the transaction is complete! The bride can list as many adverts for jobs as she likes! Ranging from catering, photography, videography, florist, venue decoration, stationary, bridal hair and makeup, venues, DJ/bands plus many more. Anything wedding related!

We know some brides have a very strict budget and will primarily be using the website to find suppliers within their budget. Other brides may have something unique or quirky that they want and don’t have the time to be emailing countless suppliers to see if they can meet their needs. Other couples may be booking a last minute wedding and therefore time is of the essence. Whatever the circumstance, Wedding Bid Easy can help!

We have lots of exciting things in the pipeline for the blog and the website-For brides and grooms as well as wedding suppliers. Keep checking back for updates! You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.

Brides and suppliers can sign up today at